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About This Project

This private estate home is located on the beautiful waters of Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. My Fortune 500 client owns an amazing 15,000 sq. ft. sprawling rustic lake front estate which boasts a 1500 sq. ft. great room. This octagonal great-room was a challenge for my client to furnish so they enlisted my services to design this area for entertaining many of their social and charitable events. The only request my client asked was to make sure that when he and his wife were alone in the space that it was cozy enough to watch their television programs and not feel lost in such a vast room. I designed this great-room with every concern in mind. This great room has been divided into five distinct areas that include a sunken fireplace pit that seats 15, Bar/Lounge area seating, game table area, living room area for formal or intimate gatherings and the television viewing area that has two swivel chairs and ottomans for use when the homeowners are alone to watch their television programs.